About CMS

Complete Merchandising Solutions (CMS), is a young and growing merchandising company that started in 2009 by business owner and entrepreneur Lou Sordo.  Lou Sordo saw an opportunity and a need for merchandising within the live goods (plants) industry.  As a long term successful business owner and having the awareness of today’s challenging economic times, Lou knows that the power and importance of merchandising is vital today more than ever. Strong merchandising activity is crucial for retailers to survive in today’s fierce and competitive retail market.

Today we are leading a strong merchandising team across Ontario. The CMS Team currently services a large Big Box Retailer by merchandising plants in their in-door and outdoor garden centres. The CMS team is highly aware of the power of merchandising and it’s correlation to impulse buying and sales.  The Team uses this knowledge to accomplish their goal of maximizing their client’s sales potential. To execute this, the Team uses hands-on, innovative visual merchandising techniques to create clean, attractive and desirable displays.  In return these merchandising techniques create a pleasant shopping environment, increase sales and establish loyal returning customers. Our merchandiser’s product knowledge and friendly presence in the retail stores also contributes to capitalizing on sales.

Behind the merchandising scene our team stays busy by carrying out several other duties which include managing inventory of product, buying product, and maintaining and building strong relationships with our clients. CMS takes great pride in our accessible, approachable and open communication model with our clients.

As the Complete Merchandising Solutions Team continues to grow across Ontario, so does our business.  As we look towards the future, we are excited and optimistic about the business opportunities that lie ahead in the growing and vital world of merchandising.